My Favorite Artists

Renie Britenbucher – A very fun and whimsical favorite!

Deb Harvey – Amazing use of color with the most charming style.

Woolin Rouge Designs – Get your beautiful hand made wool here, and patterns!

Juli Cady Ryan – Beautiful and sweet art.

Leszek Sokol – I love everything here!

Tascha – Always been a fan of her.

The Grumpy Goat Gallery – I get a kick out of this blog and the art.

Dorie Waters – Oh the detail!

Jiri Stastny – Such a great artist. Does everything. From Praha.

Omar Rayyan – Just plain love! The drinking bear is my favorite!

Barrie Hamby – The best!!!

Blenda Tyvoll – this is a great blog you will enjoy and look at the art! Love!

Nina Kuriloff – Her rear end art is so fun! Great variety of styles.

Miriam Schulman – Love Miriam Schulman. And you will too!