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M’s Quilting Inspirations

Jul 25th, 2013 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

If you are ever near Wickenburg Arizona make sure to stop at the cutest Quilt shop… M’s Quilting Inspirations. And if you can’t get to Arizona you can always shop their online store.

Marilyn Williams owns this magnificent quilt shop, organizes the best classes and somehow still finds time to keep the online store going as well. Her daughter made some of my quilt patterns as store samples and I just had to show them off.


I love the collar here!

Romancing Red quilt
Look at Romancing Red! This is so great!
Ahhhh The Quilters. Probably still my favorite.
Chicken A La Carte. One of my very top sellers ever.
I loved painting this and it is so wonderful to see it as a quilt.

I love donkeys. This painting was so fun to do. Love the quilt as it really looks just like the painting.

Sharon Bishop Cross Stitch Magic

Mar 30th, 2013 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

I was so excited to see these awesome cross stitch designs! I cannot express how it feels to know someone actually has my little chickens on their wall. It is very heartwarming. Just look at what an awesome grouping Sharon Bishop has made.
I am so grateful she decide to share them with me. Here is a bit about Sharon…

Sharon: …When I retired from teaching after 30 years, I rekindled my love affair with needle and thread. I initially discovered the Debi Hubbs’ Blackbird Pie cross stitch pattern on White Willow Stitchery, and I loved the delightful little red-shoe clad birds dancing merrily atop the pie. I ordered the pattern, but before I could begin stitching, I found Romancing Red. My husband, Randy, was planning his retirement (we taught together in the same school district, but he is a bit younger than I and so he stayed in the classroom an extra year). I immediately thought that the rooster, whom I affectionately named Randy, was so jaunty and suave, much like my husband, and so I completed Randy Rooster for his retirement gift. Then I found Chicken A La Carte, and I had to stitch her as she was so like me, sailing along happily (like me in retirement). I display the two together on one wall, and I smile every time I see them. (Incidentally, we live in a restored 90 year old farmhouse which was once a chicken ranch, so the little fowl fellows lend themselves perfectly to my farmhouse/chicken decor.)

I returned to my original pattern and completed Blackbird Pie just last week. LOVE the little dancing blackbirds. My next project is Apple of my Eye, another Debi Hubbs pattern depicting two blackbirds sitting on a bowl of apples.

Debi’s whimsical, joyful renderings bring me such joy as I use my needle and thread to create my works of art. Thank you, Debi, for your wonderful designs.

Blessings. . .

Sharon Bishop’s Cross Stitch Work

Chicken A La Carte

Chicken A La Carte

Rooster Romancing Red

Rooster Romancing Red

Blackbird Pie

Blackbird Pie

Kristina’s Quilt

Mar 29th, 2013 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

I just love how Kristina created this quilt from “The Swing”. Her fabric choices are really fun to see and made me wonder why I haven’t been painting any blue chickens. Great idea! Thank you so much for sharing this cute quilt. Here is a bit about Kristina…

Kristina: …I am a 47 year old single mom with two boys. One is 4 and the large one is 16. by large I mean 6’3” tall! I just enjoy making quilts. I started because I wanted to make a present for someone. My first quilt was a lattice with roses. I made quilt Christmas stockings for family members and I just kept on creating! I draw and I paint and create wall murals as well so fabric is just another pallet for me to play with. I found your quilt just hunting for ideas for a very special woman I know who likes roosters. This was just too cute and fun. Thank you for the idea!

Kristina’s Quilt


Donna Seegmueller Creations

Dec 14th, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

Donna Seegmueller sent me these images and I had to share them. How cute and what a great idea. Love it! Here is what she did…

Donna: I want to share with you a creation I made using Debi Hubbs design, The Picnic, which I purchased at the Quilt Loft in Albany Oregon during the “sew Oregon” event in October 2011. Using a pattern (Simplicity Quick& Quilted project, 1981) from something I made many years ago, I adapted the design to create a picnic map and two placemats.

I think it will make a perfect Christmas gift for friends who love crows and watermelon.

Look at this!

Aug 12th, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

I just can’t believe how glorious this quilt is! It’s hard to express how amazing it feels to see a painting of mine eventually turn into something as wonderful as a quilt. And to see so many of my patterns all together in one fabulous piece is so exciting. I really, really, love it. I was hoping it was for sale when I contacted Lorrie Hockett. But darn it, it sits on one of her beds.

Lorrie explained to me that she created it along with Carole Moseley. Fantastic job both of you!

Lorrie said:

My walls are full of quilts so rather than make yours into wall hangings I put them together as a quilt, with the bright colors it is a very fun quilt to have on the bed. I added the plastic eyes, embroideried the names of each block, used fur fabric for the cows and used some decorative stitches on each block for added interest, I like to embelish my projects to make them more unique/individual. your patterns are so fun to sew and quilt, keep them coming!I have entered it in 2 shows and will do some more with it. After the applique’, it was turned over to Carole Moseley to do the quilting.

Carole said about quilting:

I have been a longarm quilter for several years and love doing custom work with no restraints. When I received Lorries quilt I could not believe my eyes. It made me happy the whole time I was quilting it. She is a beautiful quilter and excellent at appliqués. She gave me permission to do what I would like on the quilt. Each block was quilted with what I saw in that block. It was hard not to smile each time I looked at it. Thank you Lorrie for letting me quilt this fantastic quilt.

Cute Store

Jul 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

My friend Traci showed me these cute napkins on Etsy. Of course I had to buy them. I love seeing my fabric used in cute ways. I was impressed by the packaging, the cute note and even a magnet too. I will be back to this store again.

Melissa Wehrle’s Darling Quilt

Jul 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

This quilt makes me laugh. If I could quilt I believe I would quilt something like this. She used my painting The Sunday Stroll. With my permission which I appreciated. My painting…

And Melissa Wehrle’s adorable quilt.

A closer view.

Look how funny the animals are walking around especially this cow.
I just love, love, love the quilt!

Melisa’s letter to me…

Dear Debi,
A couple months ago I wrote for permission to show a quilt with your design featured in the middle and you asked for a picture when I was finished. This was a round robin quilt challenge by my quilt guild and I had never done one before. The rows with the triangles were part of the challenge where quilt guild members (only 5 participated) would do a specific assignment like half square triangles etc for their row. I added the plain borders to increase the size and then added more creatures to add interest. It was my first attempt at quilting it myself on a home machine which was very challenging but at least I think I’m improving.
I really love your designs. They are fun and whimsical. Thanks so much. Melissa Wehrle

Zuri The Giraffe

Jun 29th, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

Bigfork Bay Cotton Company is bringing out a new quilt pattern of mine. Look how cute it is. They do such an awesome job.

They had a contest to find a name for my giraffe. I had to choose from over 500 names.

I want to thank everyone for such wonderful names. I really could not decide. And I changed my mind over and over. I hope some of you won’t mind if I use some of those fantastic names for my future creations. I will give you credit of course. My biggest dilemma for choosing a name was this little giraffe’s gender. I made him/her and I still cannot decide if he is a boy or she is a girl.

Here is the name I have chosen. Zuri. Which means beautiful in Swahili. I have a strong love for Africa and its amazing landscape, and spectacular animals. And most of all the beauty in the women and children there and how they persevere over challenges with such grace. Zuri represents all of the loveliness that is Africa for me.

If you are interested in this new pattern contact Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. I don’t have any yet…
Turns out there is another Zuri. Look at this darling baby who was born in Ohio.

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Cheryl Crandall

Jun 8th, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

Cheryl Crandall wrote me recently. Read it in full on my Sewing Circle page…