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Cute Store

Jul 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

My friend Traci showed me these cute napkins on Etsy. Of course I had to buy them. I love seeing my fabric used in cute ways. I was impressed by the packaging, the cute note and even a magnet too. I will be back to this store again.

Melissa Wehrle’s Darling Quilt

Jul 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

This quilt makes me laugh. If I could quilt I believe I would quilt something like this. She used my painting The Sunday Stroll. With my permission which I appreciated. My painting…

And Melissa Wehrle’s adorable quilt.

A closer view.

Look how funny the animals are walking around especially this cow.
I just love, love, love the quilt!

Melisa’s letter to me…

Dear Debi,
A couple months ago I wrote for permission to show a quilt with your design featured in the middle and you asked for a picture when I was finished. This was a round robin quilt challenge by my quilt guild and I had never done one before. The rows with the triangles were part of the challenge where quilt guild members (only 5 participated) would do a specific assignment like half square triangles etc for their row. I added the plain borders to increase the size and then added more creatures to add interest. It was my first attempt at quilting it myself on a home machine which was very challenging but at least I think I’m improving.
I really love your designs. They are fun and whimsical. Thanks so much. Melissa Wehrle

Zuri The Giraffe

Jun 29th, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

Bigfork Bay Cotton Company is bringing out a new quilt pattern of mine. Look how cute it is. They do such an awesome job.

They had a contest to find a name for my giraffe. I had to choose from over 500 names.

I want to thank everyone for such wonderful names. I really could not decide. And I changed my mind over and over. I hope some of you won’t mind if I use some of those fantastic names for my future creations. I will give you credit of course. My biggest dilemma for choosing a name was this little giraffe’s gender. I made him/her and I still cannot decide if he is a boy or she is a girl.

Here is the name I have chosen. Zuri. Which means beautiful in Swahili. I have a strong love for Africa and its amazing landscape, and spectacular animals. And most of all the beauty in the women and children there and how they persevere over challenges with such grace. Zuri represents all of the loveliness that is Africa for me.

If you are interested in this new pattern contact Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. I don’t have any yet…
Turns out there is another Zuri. Look at this darling baby who was born in Ohio.

Click here for more sewing circle news…

What do I do all day?

Jun 11th, 2011 | By | Category: News

What do I do all day?
Beats me. I do know most days start the same. I wake up. Then I mill around the house and eventually go upstairs to my office. I look at my list of things to do. Actually I have 2 lists. The Big List has the big ongoing projects on it.

Big List

  1. Come up with 24 garden flag illustrations.
  2. Blue Xmas line
  3. Finish the forest line Canoodling for crying out loud you’re almost done!
  4. Make discs and print sample copies of the Iguanas and Ponies for Timeless
  5. Make the doctor appt.
  6. Paint my bedroom, my bathroom.
  7. Lay down the flagstone and get the little plants for in the cracks.

Here is a sneak Peak on my new Forest Line.(Canoodling.)

And then there is the Do This Today Or Else.

After looking at my lists I try to find something on them I am in the mood to do. These lists are currently whats going on around here. I may have removed a few things to protect the innocent.

Do This Today Or Else

  1. Paint: Fox, Owl, Bears, Pine Cones, maybe a woodpecker or something, 2 red sleds, work on fisherman painting.
  2. Walk at least 6 miles or bike or gym.
  3. Lowes – paint samples for bedroom and get a dishwasher and plants and one pot for the lemon tree.
  4. Stupid store and buy some stupid food.
  5. Laundry and clean at least one bathroom, vacuum downstairs.
  6. Make the doctor appt.

So I decide after reading my lists to go take a bath. I have some really cool bath salts with lemon oil in them. The bath idea probably happened after reading about the lemon tree needing a pot. While in the tub I’m thinking about drawing a fox for the forest line and then I get a brainstorm about a hen with a fox around her neck for a shall. “A Fashion Risk”. Har har! I keep a notebook and tracing paper on the side of my bath tub along with a few magazines and this really warped copy of A Midsummers Night Dream which I can never seem to get into even though one of my goals is to read classic junk. Anyway, I write down that awesome “Fashion Risk” idea to do later and then begin to draw some foxes and bears on my tracing paper. Yes, things get wet and warped if you draw in the bathtub but I’m used to it. I don’t want the bears too realistic but not too cartoony either. Next thing you know I’m drawing an alligator instead because I got offtrack and thought a hen with an alligator purse would be funny.

Out of the tub and I’m painting the alligator in the kitchen. I see a pincher bug. Also known as Earwigs because they go in your ear and eat your brains. This one is just sitting on the floor looking up at me like a jerk. Uhg. The bane of my existence! Every year they come around for about a month. And I begin my war with them. It also tends to start a diet because somehow I always find one in a bowl or like earlier this week in my dishwasher and I vow to never eat or drink anything ever again. This is why I’m getting a new dishwasher. If I ever consume one of those I will just die. I flushed this pincher bug down the toilet. Not to kill him but because I hear they like moisture. ha! Back to work. While the alligator is drying I remember I need to start drawing a few bears. I can’t remember if the ears are on top of their heads or more on the sides so I decide I need to look at some real bear pictures. And maybe a fox. I could go upstairs and look on the internet or I could just save myself a little time and go to the zoo. So next thing you know I’m at the zoo.

San Diego has such an amazing zoo. I don’t know why I don’t loiter there more often.

I got to see the Pandas while they were eating.

I love a good camel. More cute things.

Here is the extremely rare R.O.U.S. Also known as rodent of unusual size.

Oh look a reindeer!!! See right on track for my Blue Xmas line I’m designing.

A baby giraffe. Ahhhhh!

And an interesting fact about male lions. Just like some shady alley cat they spray things. Except they can spray you from 7-10 feet away. Here is a shot of one I took from about 40 feet away. Just in case.

Oh and a bad shot of some bear for my “research”. Looks like the ears are kinda set back. Not on top or the sides really.

Here are some Orangutans.

The highlight of my day today was when I met the most amazing girl. And here is Janey.

This zoo employee here who I met told me Janey was raised in a human family before moving to the zoo. She loves to socialize with the humans. She is beautiful and so intelligent.

I sat on the ground right next to this guy and became mesmerized. I was not 2 feet from her. Lovely. He played games with her through the glass. Pretending to put on chapstick.
She would mimic him. I could have sat with her all day and just hated to leave. Apparently she has a webcam and her own myspace page. Odd thing is I didn’t know she was also an artist. I didn’t know this until I just now googled her name to see if I could learn more about her. And the zoo sells her art and I’m 100% positive I will be buying something of hers when I’m done typing this.

Before I go to bed I try to make the list for the next day. My secret trick is to add things I did to it so I feel like I got more accomplished.

Do This Today Or Else

  1. Zoo for research photos…..Check!
  2. Paint A Fashion Risk….. Check!

Tomorrow’s list

  1. Paint: Fox, Owl, Bears, Pinecones, maybe a woodpecker or something, 2 red sleds, work on fisherman painting.
  2. Walk at least 6 miles or bike or gym
  3. Lowes – paint samples for bedroom and get a dishwasher and plants and one pot for the lemon tree
  4. Stupid store and buy some stupid food
  5. Laundry and clean at least on bathroom, vacuum downstairs
  6. Make the doctor appt.

Cheryl Crandall

Jun 8th, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

Cheryl Crandall wrote me recently. Read it in full on my Sewing Circle page…

Part 3 Barcelona

Jun 8th, 2011 | By | Category: Cue the choir I went to Europe...

My first stop in Europe was Barcelona, Spain.
I don’t remember Barcelona very much because I was so tired. I also did not get a lot of sightseeing in this city as I planned on spending the majority of my time in France, Italy, and Croatia. Here are a few things that stand out to me now.
The mullet is alive and well in Barcelona. So many guys still wear a mullet. And here is a woman mullet with two kid mullets. I took this picture because of the interesting pets for sale in that cage but I honestly don’t remember what they were now. I’m thinking now they were not that interesting after all.

A really impressive thing I could not get over is the dogs are not on leashes but follow perfectly behind their owner. Even when the owner rides his motor scooter all around the city the dog would just follow calmly behind.
I did not see one insect. No flies, bugs etc.
The streets were very, very clean. I have not seen US city streets kept this clean.
Graffiti. I don’t like it in any country and it is all over Europe. People call it a form of art but I’m never going along with that.
I liked the coffee here better than any other country I went to. The food was spectacular.
Outside of Barcelona the landscaping is very lush. Almost jungle like. It was beautiful.

Here is the view from my room looking down. I loved the location. And I could keep my window open and not worry about bugs because I guess there aren’t any. OH! Small detail to note. When in a hotel in the US and someone says go up to the 4th floor we mean enter the elevator and hit button 4. The door will open and there you are. When in Europe and someone says go up to the 4th floor they actually mean WALK up 5 levels that somehow manage to hold at least 30 flights of stairs. They count the ground level as 0 not 1.

I stayed in the area Barri Gotic which is the old town quarter along La Rambla. Basically, the best part of the city where you can walk to everything. This area is full of awesome shopping, restaurants and unbelievable architecture. The very narrow, winding cobblestone streets were designed like a maze to get tourists lost. Ok, maybe not tourists since this area dates back to Roman times. I think I recall it was to keep the enemy lost while the locals could escape.

You just walk down any winding narrow street and then suddenly you will be in a new square or plaza. I loved the plazas. Music, restaurants, dancing, street shows. Each one is better than the next. So charming.

I would say the biggest surprise I learned about Barcelona, SPAIN was they do not speak Spanish. They speak Catalan. Catalan was not a language I had planned on. Here was my plan. I cannot sleep while flying so I had the brilliant foresight to use my time wisely on the airplane and attempt to learn 3 languages. Well, that is a slight exaggeration. I thought I would learn Spanish on the first plane to New York because I did take some Spanish in high school and still retain an impressive ability to count to 30 and say, “Me llamo Debi”. I figured a quick review in a travel book would cover the basic needed Spanish in about an hour. So this should leave me plenty of hours left over to start on French before I even landed in New York and I’d be ahead. Then I’d finish the complete French language from New York To Spain. Two languages down before I touched the ground of Europe! I could then learn Italian if I studied while on the trains touring around Spain and France. By the time I would get to Italy I would know 4 languages including English. Five if you include Pig Latin. And my emergency back up plan was to use sign language because I do know a tiny bit of that. But sometimes even well thought out plans are not successful. According to my travel journal (which I foolishly fantasized would be extremely interesting by the time my trip was over) this is what really happened on the plane…

Journal Update #1
Probably flying over Oklahoma. Hot guy in front of me.
Language progress going better than expected- Italian numbers mastered…

Looks like I jumped right past my plan and thought the most important part of my communication would be counting in Italian. I’m going to blame the hot guy in front of me.

By the time I landed in Spain I had another journal entry I won’t bore you with but it ends with… I can now count to 20, I think!
Arrived in Barcelona, only to find out their voices did not sound Spanish. And that was because they were not speaking Spanish. But the good news was I could count to 20 in Italian.

One famous place I did tour was Sagrada Familia. Construction started on this in 1882 and it still is a work in progress.There is so much history to this place, the construction and why it looks the way it does. Something about combining styles and religions. And nature. Inside there are giant tree like columns. The plan began with Architect Francisco de Paula del Villar and then one year later Antoni Gaudi took it over and spent 40 years on it. And I think he may have had A. D . D. He changed his mind and plan over and over. All I can say is when I looked at it I was overwhelmed. Sometimes it looked like a stalagmite, and sometimes it was glorious.

Overall I found it to be one hot mess. I hope I don’t get hate mail for that statement. But it was way too much for me to look at with no sleep.

This building next door was my favorite.

And this is where I will stop on Barcelona because I lost my camera.

My Dad

Nov 30th, 2010 | By | Category: In The Limelight

He is in the limelight today because it’s been a year and it still feels like he is here. He had the best sense of humor. A quality everyone appreciates. This was a happy day he and I had so I love this picture.

What I have been doing lately…

Nov 30th, 2010 | By | Category: News

Finished this…

Prevailing Poised Poppy Performers

And here is the lovely Piggy Longstockings.  She is in all kinds of things.

And here is The Christmas Goose. One of the stars from my newest Christmas Line.

Nov 30th, 2010 | By | Category: Pebbles the Supermodel

Pebbles has grown so much. Last trip to the vet she weighed 36 lbs. This was a shock to me as I still carry her around. Speaking of vets. Ever notice the correlation between the amount you love a dog and the amount of trips to the vet? As everyone knows I really love Pebbles, and I’m guessing by his swanky car that my vet does too. Some of my horrible dogs in the past did not get a trip to the vet unless they could prove to me that those 2 puncture holes on their football sized, swollen leg was indeed a rattlesnake bite. (Or if someone from outside of the family pressured me into taking them. And only then because I knew they would follow up on it.) I have had some bad dogs. In fact, I could write a whole book. I could call it You Just Can’t Kill a Bad Dog. Or maybe, Don’t Bother Feeding A Bad Dog Chicken Bones They Just Live Longer. (No offense to all those bad dogs of my past.) But anyway, things are different when you own a Super model pet. If she wakes up looking like this you do something about it. Off to the vet, and fast!

Ok, I will be honest, this is what she actually looks like. I’m sure you are staring in complete horror at that giant tusk sticking out of her mouth. She just does that to get me riled up. We have an agreement that she will not stick out the tusks but she does it anyway. Usually just the one. Just enough to irritate me but not call the orthodontist. Ever since her brief stint as the Tooth Fairy she thinks it looks cool.

Her movie career is really taking off. Her performance with Johnny Depp was outstanding.

Johnny and Pebbles were both happy to receive this…

When she isn’t working she lives an average dog life.  We begrudgingly continue with the pet training. Once a week for 3 months now. And all she does is sit. And she will stay if no one else is watching so I can’t prove it. She is the only dog to repeat the Beginner course in her class. At home you can usually find her in the kitchen. Hanging around the stove. Rooting around.


Or showing me that tusk.


Nov 19th, 2010 | By | Category: Cue the choir I went to Europe...

Gorgousosity! This is where I stayed.  You can see two white umbrellas on my veranda.

I took more photos of Dubrovnik than any other place on my trip to Europe.  I am not exaggerating when I say there is no ugly view from any where in that city.

First, you need to know I am a horrible photographer. I just hold out my camera and click.  Not much else. Sometimes I don’t even stop walking to take the photos, let alone aim.
If I messed with settings or pretended to search for an artistic angle it usually backfired. My camera appreciated it when I left it alone and let it do it’s job.  And in exchange it gave me some lovely shots.

Even though I took a great tour on the history and sites of Dubrovnik Old Town I didn’t retain much other than jokes and a few bits.  Everything I retained was visual images with a few interesting facts I could have imagined so take my historical information with a grain of salt.   I must report exactly how cute my guide was. He was perfectly groomed, with perfect posture, and he held an umbrella in a perfectly clever way.  His braces gleaming, as he dazzled me with information that left me very impressed with the Dubrovnik education system and not so thrilled with the education I have had. He could have been 18 or 28, I just could not figure it out. I would insert a photo of him but I did not take one unfortunately.

Dubrovnik is stunning in architecture and charm.

A fishing town and shops for trading.

I love how people still live a normal life here right here in the same old shops and old limestone streets. This is the place the people come to buy fabric, yarn, umbrellas etc.  This is the whole fabric store! Oddly, I did not see any of my fabric designs for sale here. ha!

People think the streets are marble but my guide said they were built from local limestone, polished by centuries of feet walking on them. That is romantic to me. The photo below shows rush hour.  When a cruise ship arrives there is tourists milling around.  But when they leave a few hours later it’s back to a lovely fairytale.

And a nice photo of some local pirates…

There are no cars, or scooters. Just people, hundreds of fat, well mannered cats and possibly 2 dogs. At least that is all I saw.

The walled port town has been inhabited since Roman times.  The walls were built to fortify the town around the 13th century. You can climb on the top of the wall and circle the entire city with a walk you will never forget. I think it was 2 kilometers long.

I love this next photo looking down on a rooftop.  They managed to build a soccer court and the local kids were playing.

This walk was so beautiful. And a bonus was being up at this angle fulfilled my snooping urges that I can’t seem to hold back. I tried not looking in every  single window but one eye would stretch over on it’s own and see what was going on inside.

I am probably related to this woman spying on the other’s laundry.

Speaking of laundry.  I found Europe’s entire life style of hanging out the laundry amazing.  And I now have tons of photos of people’s laundry.  Laundry is actually gossip in a rope. Those clothes lines usually stretch to opposite neighbors across the narrow alleys.  This  forces neighbors to be kind to one another or risk the end of your clothes line.

A disastrous earthquake in 1667 happened which crippled the city and also a large number of Gothic and Renaissance palaces were destroyed.  As the city was rebuilt they decided to create the new buildings with similar fronts so as to keep a sense of equality with the people who lived there.   As you walk down the main street you see this.

More pirates…

I also saw this… a woman urinating fountain…. and it was right outside  a restaurant.

The Franciscan Monastery was built near the front entrance so the monks could be the first to defend the city.  Apparently this was convenient as  as they have no wives or children to leave behind.  There is a Pharmacy at the Franciscan Monastery that creates hand creams and other toiletries based on ancient recipes. The pharmacy is one of the oldest in the world and it has been working from the time of its foundation.  And there is always a bit of gossip isn’t there… The old convent across the street is rumored to have an underground passage way straight to the monks.  I will leave the rest to your imagination but it brings me to another interesting fact.

I also remember they have the first or one of the first Orphanages. From 1344 on the women of Dubrovnik brought their children who were born out of wedlock here.
At night, the woman laid the baby on a specially built rotating platform, called the “ruota”, rang the bell and snuck off. They say that anyone who approached the mother and discovered her identity was severely punished, either by exile from Dubrovnik or death.

Dubrovnik was a successful city due to location.  A maritime trade city who tried to remain neutral with other countries.  Dubrovnik was heavily bombed during the Croatian War of Independence from 1991 to 1995. Almost all of the damage has been repaired.  You can tell which roofs had new tile and which were still original.

But as you look closely around the old town, mortar damange in the cobblestone streets and bullet marks in the stone houses are visible. I saw marks all over.  Even on the side of the house I stayed in. It made me sick to think of that bombing.  I just love that city and the people.

In the distance is Fort Lovrijenac. The monumental fort on high rock. It changed roles in the course of history. The main purpose of its construction was defense, and the main idea was to protect the freedom of Dubrovnik. And now it holds a famous annual Shakespeare play.

The people here speak perfect English. They are delighted with the tourists and let you know how happy you are visiting.  There is no crime.  Flip flops were the best anywhere I have ever shopped.  Just the cutest styles.  Some nice artwork.  There is a lovely market to get fresh fruit and vegetables daily.  In the evening the locals are hanging out in town. I saw a fantastic opera one night held in a church.  It is so great in Dubrovnik I believe I have to have a Part 3 so you can see what is outside of these Old Town walls.

An Interview with Romancing Red

Oct 26th, 2010 | By | Category: News

Just about everyone who is anyone has heard of the world famous rooster… Romancing Red.
How can you forget his famous layout in Mary Englebrieght’s magazine? I know I never will. Or how about the time he was all over the tabloids when he got caught in hot water. I was lucky enough to get to have an interview with him myself right before he took the Red Eye to Houston for his latest stop on his tour Oct. 30th.

What’s everyone crowing about?
An Interview with Romancing Red
by Debi Hubbs

“Red, (He insists on a first name basis.)
I can’t go anywhere without hearing your name.
Is all of this attention making you a little cocky?”
“Cock-a doodle doo!”

“Is it true Mary Engelbreit herself said she has never seen such nice thighs or is that just a rumor?”
“Cock-a doodle doo!”
(I chuckle here, he’s just so funny!)

I hear you are off to Houston, Texas for The Quilter’s Market to meet your 70,000 fans. And your quilt by Bigfork Bay Cotton Company will be displayed? I bet you are excited. (I start thinking maybe I should get a plane ticket to Houston…)
“Cock-a doodle doo!”

(Red distracted me here for a minute with that old joke: “How does the chicken cross the road?” For some reason when he told it, it wasn’t corny at all. (OK, I was blushing here. He is so romantic! A girl can dream can’t she?)

How would I , I mean, How does someone get one of your quilt patterns? Can I get one right here on this site?
“Cock-a doodle doo!”

I hope you don’t mind a personal question. What kind of chicks are you attracted to?
“Cock-a doodle doo!”
(Now I’m a bit mad at myself for not wearing that feather boa for this interview!)

Thank you Red for this lovely interview. Will you sign my poster?

Let’s just say I’m framing it!

Traci Suzanne Marvel

Sep 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Artists I Love

I was so drawn to Traci from the beginning when we began emailing a few years ago. I finally met her in real life recently and saw that I wasn’t the only one. People circle around her, captivated and entertained. You get pulled in with her humor and energy. She is a delight in every way. And talented. And warm. And wonderful. On her blog I saw her photography which is currently showing at Sundance Resort. I decided I want to share it, and her, with you here.

Make sure to watch the slide show of her photography. You will love it.

Traci’s Blog.

Introducing… Traci Suzanne Marvel

ME- (The oh so eager to think of a question interviewer.)
“I love your art. Tell me more about your process, and your inspirations.”

Let’s see…my process and inspirations…
If you are asking me about my process and inspirations for my photography well that is very simply that I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night and in between I take my camera everywhere with me and document the day as I see it. Some days inspire me more than others.  Sometimes I am in the mood to document colors, other days textures. Some days I focus on a single subject such as horses, other times its people.  All and all my goal is to capture the ephemeral moments of the day that catch my heart.

ME- (On the edge of my seat interviewer.)
“What was your personal best photo, and why?”

Oh boy!  That is a hard one as I have literally taken thousands and thousands of photographs, but the one that comes to mind is one that I took with one of my first “big deal” cameras.  It was a Pentax K1000. I developed the film and printed the photograph myself. The image is called Amazing Graze.

And then I think my second most favorite is Montana Whisper.
I like this one because I actually heard the white horse say to the sorrel horse, “Come closer and let me whisper into the ear of your heart.”

ME- (Now a bit cocky since I’m on a roll with the questions interviewer.)
“Who, besides me, are your favorite artists, past and present?”

It is very true that you are indeed one of my most favorite living artists!
The fact is, I am an artist connoisseur. I love studying artists of the past and I love discovering artists of the present.  I have so many artists that I admire that it would take pages and pages to write down all of them.  But to give you a taste, here is a list of my Top Five Past and Top Five Living artists.
Top Ten Past
1. Vincent Van Gogh
(I love Chagall so much I created and dedicated a painting just for him: Rêver de Chagall))
5. Ann Broadaway
Top Five Living
(Besides Debi Hubbs)
5. Billy Woolway
ME- (The all of a sudden oh so full of questions interviewer.)
“Did you always want to be a photographer?  What age did you start, and have you had any formal training?” “Is it true you actually lived in a tee-pee?” “Can you make me a tee-pee? I’d really love one.”

Yes, I think I did always want to be a photographer. I have been mesmerized with taking pictures ever since I can remember. My greatest influence was my father who always had a camera in his hand. He instilled in me from a young age how important it was to take a lot of photographs.  He would say, “One of the most important things you can do in this life is leave photographs behind.”
Another big influence in my photographic journey was my Aunt, Sondra Peterson. She was a very famous Ford Model in the 1960’s. Sondra regularly appeared on the covers of Vougue, Elle, Seventeen, Mademoiselle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and Marie Claire.  She was photographed by the world’s leading photographer’s including Irving PennRichard Avedon, Frank Scavullo, Guy Bourdin and Horst.
My dad framed almost every cover she was on and hung them in our house. I would stare at them for hours and read everything I could about the photographers that took her pictures.  I remember thinking how fun it would be to have a career as a fashion photographer.  And then the brilliant  Annie Leibovitz came along.  I studied and continue to study her brilliant style.
As for formal training?  I did take a photography course in college.  I learned how to develop my own film.  Other than that one class, I am self taught.  I am very lucky to have met a gentleman named Rob Outlaw who mentors me. I believe Rob Outlaw to be one of the world’s greatest digital photographer’s.  He is also the one that creates my giclee’ prints.  He is a master at that as well.
Yes I did live in a tee-pee for two years! It was the best time of my life!  That was until the grizzly bear sauntered into the cook tent and ate all my freshly picked huckleberries.  After that, I decided to move to town. No I didn’t make the tee-pee so I don’t think I can make you one, but if you visit me in Montana, I will show you lots and lots of tee-pee’s!
ME- (Now extremely curious and is also considering building a tee-pee in her yard while doing this interview interviewer.)
“Apart from photography, what do you like to do?”

Apart from photography, I also like to paint, design with fabrics and write songs.
If you go to this link my blog Windows of My Life/Paintings , I have some of the folk art paintings that I have done on there.  I only have a few originals left around the house, most of them I sold through my Etsy Store Sundancer’s Art Adventures or on ebay.
My friend Sylvia Gauthier and I created a pattern company called Woolin Rouge.
Woolin Rouge is a cabaret of Folk Art designs.
Projects so easy anyone Can~Can do them!
Bigfork Bay Cotton Company is licensing the designs.
Here is the link to the first design called Star Light Snow Bright
What is really exciting is that there is a french magazine called Christmas Majic, that is featuring a design we created called Holly Birdie in its September issue.  The project is for a table runner, place mats, napkins and napkin rings.  We did a similar project called Hippie Birdie. We plan to do a table ensemble for every season.  next up is a chickadee with acorns and leaves for fall.
Check out Bigfork Bay Cotton Company’s blog to get an idea of the designs: Bigfork Bay Cotton Company Blog.
By the way, I don’t have any formal training as a painter.  I just love to paint and sketch.  It is one of my most favorite things to do in life.  When I am painting or sketching or doing anything creative I feel so tuned into who I truly am.  Alan Alda defines the creative process brilliantly,  “the creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.’
And I do so live writing songs.  They just come to me out of nowhere.  The first song I ever wrote was when I was 12 years old.  It’s a country western song called
He left Me in My Pick-Up and Left Tread Marks on My Heart.
I love the chorus:
Well he left me in my pickup
He left tread marks on my heart
I know he didn’t go alone cuz the truck needed a push to start
I’m so sad and I ‘m so lonesome
I’m so down and I’m so blue
Tell me what am I a poor young country girl to do.

My other favorite song I wrote is called
“Now that the Party is Over, Whose Gonna Clean Up the Mess?
Here is how it starts out…
Now that the Party is Over, Whose Gonna Clean Up the Mess?
Now that honey our love has died
whose gonna sweep up the hurt inside
and how do I, do I know?
This heart ache that I feel is ever gonna, gonna ever go away?
Think I’ll ever make it to Nashville?
Oh and my other most favorite thing to do in life visit the Sundance Resort.
I feel so inspired there!
I think everyone in their lifetime should go there at least once!
By the way, I am the featured artist up there for the months of September -November: So if you are in that neck of the woods during that time, make sure you stop by and take a look!

ME- (The profound interviewer.)
“Do you have any advice you would like to give the world?  Anything….”

Yes, I do.  I do have some great advice to give the world…
One of my favorite quotes in the world is by Howard Thurman,
“Don”t ask what the world needs.
Rather ask – what makes you come alive?
Then go and do it!
Because what the world needs is people
who have come alive”

Cat Stevens sings it best in his song If You want to Sing Out
I listen to that song daily.
And also keep in mind what Sir Cecil Burton said ” Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”
And last but not least, if you wake up one day and you feel like you’ve lost your way on your life’s journey, don’t lose heart.  Keep praying with moving feet and I guarantee if you do, you will find your way back to where you are suppose to be. The song Don’t Lose Heart by Dan Fogelberg will help remind you of that.

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I believe I now have just over 2 gazillion photos of Pebbles. Here are a few highlights from her latest jobs in Europe. In Florence…

In Tuscany…

As a street performer assistant.

In Pompei she gave a few tours.

One last sporty shoot over in Montalcino.

And since she returned home she has been relaxing by the pool.

And hanging out.

Painting Steps…Or… OOPS! Or… How did I paint this?

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When I start a painting just for fun I can be inspired by many things. My Grandmother’s sister Lillian asked me to paint a chicken with a hearing aide. And this is what I came up with. This is just a sample of how offtrack I can get.

Lillian is extremely funny and has led a colorful life. She was actually Miss California long, long, ago. One thing that is amazing is what shape she is still in. She works out everyday in a pool for 1-2  hours.  She always rode a bicycle.  Next thing you know I drew a rabbit. On a bike.  As you can see I had already forgotten the chicken and the hearing aide idea she gave me. The bunny in the basket is her real life son.  His nickname was Sonny.  And there you have how this painting was brought about.

At this point I was thinking OOPS! Probably should have painted the hill a different color.  Can’t see the bunnys. I did love the ground. But I made the tires too big.  I thought I was making some hip rims and next thing you know she is riding tractor tires. I made 5 bubble trees and thought I was making 5 cypress trees but I guess I forgot to count those.

Looks like I forgot about my blue sky idea. Somehow it ended up matching the ground a bit which I like.  I think it looks a bit delicious. Rainbow sherberty. Painted over the yellow hill with green and made some spots on the hill.  Brilliant! And the red stripe hill on the top made me pleased.  Added some boulders for a path.  This was cute to me. As if someone would line the road with them. All over the countryside. Now I have fixed the tires. Just need to paint some background in.  Current problems… way too much red hillside.  And I forgot a scarf or girly thing on Lillian.   And since I am confessing her other leg. ha!  But, I decided she really doesn’t need one.  Rabbit bicycles are different and her other leg is right behind the one you see.

Decided to make long, long, tree trunks.  This fills the red hill a bit and the main reason was…why not?  And next comes my favorite part.  Bringing things to life…

Added red stripes to the bike’s basket which to me was such a spectacular idea. Just saying.  I decided to leave the bunnys in true bunny outfits.  I really resisted the urge to add spots on them. But there is too much going on with the crazy tree trunks.  I will admit I had some difficulty with the bike itself.  I lost that fight and it came out a bit odd.  But then again it is a rabbit bicycle. And then I  shaded, darkened, lightened, shadowed and worked up a sweat.  And this painting became Lillian And Her Bunny Sonny.

Pebbles day off…

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She sat in the front yard waiting…

And waiting…

And then he arrived!  Julian.

He is so darling.  Gorgeous green eyes and Flying Nun ears. They spent the day together.  Hours of this…

and this…

And had a snack…

And then Pebbles thought she should get both snacks.  So she kept trying to take his.  But he ate it first.

And after she may have tried to run him over with her skateboard.


Aug 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Cue the choir I went to Europe...

In no particular order I will start with Croatia.  Mainly because I found the photos for it first. The journey there was on a 9 hour ferry ride from Bari, Italia. (That’s right, I say Italia.)  All aboard the smelly, sinking, creaking, leaking ferry! Enjoyed about an hour on deck then down the 643 flights of tiny stairs to the last level below where they keep cars and buses.  And here is my cabin. Pried open the door and attempted to sleep while thinking about the cars and buses directly above me. The air smelled of cigarettes, auto fumes and electrical fire.   We traveled at night, bobbing every which way in the darkness along with  waves somewhat like in that movie A Perfect Storm.  (It’s possible I may be exaggerating a tad. But during those 9 hours it felt that way.)

OH! Before I forget. While in the customs line to Croatia I saw a woman with at least 4 massive suitcases yell at a nun who’s tiny carry on backpack was in her way. Wow! And then that cute, young nun let her have it in return.  This was all in Italian so I missed the details but it was quite exciting. Who would ever yell at a nun? An Italian woman. What kind of nun would yell back? An Italian nun.

Arrived to a slice of heaven.

The view from the terrace where I stayed.

If I walk out the front door,

over the moat bridge,

look down at the park,

past the guards, Hi Boys!, I could then walk right into the fairyland of Dubrovnik.

To be continued because I have to do some work today.

Foil… It’s not just for TV antennas. Or… My plan has been foiled.

Aug 4th, 2010 | By | Category: My Art Tips

Here is my second hot tip.  I paint mainly with watercolors so instead of using a palette and wasting paint I just put the colors I’m using on foil. I keep that foil around and use it every time I work on that painting. And when they dry up you can fold it and save it.  Nothing is wasted. For some reason I have never liked palettes. Too much cleaning.

I tend to work on more than one project at once as you see here. I’m sure it looks chaotic to someone without 12 personalities but hey it works for me.

Here is Lillian and her bunny Sonny.  I’m enjoying her.

Here are some flowers which are going to a new design line. After a tiny bit of photo shop I can make something like this.

I have my first inspired painting from Dubrovnik here too.  I’m really loving it. It’s hard to see, a fisherman and tons of cats.

I have some birds of a new flavor there. I’m going to add tons of leaves all over that.  A new piggie who has quite  a story.  A turtle.

New yellow poppies which will be for a design line and then I’ll add the famous blackbird girls and turn it into a painting. And that is what I’m up to today.

Long Beach Quilt Festival

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Last weekend I dashed up to the Long Beach Quilt Festival. I hung out at Big Fork Bay Cotton Company’s booth.

And just look how cute that booth is. See some of my quilts up there? Big Fork Bay Cotton Company is the creator’s of my quilt patterns.

Those quilts get to travel the world a lot more than I do.

The highlight was spending time with Traci and Jane! These girls are so fun. I laughed the whole time and was really bummed I could not stay longer. I did break away from them for a few minutes to see some of the amazing quilts displayed all over the show. It is such an impressive art form. I left feeling inspired to learn quilting someday. Or at least inspired to hire my own quilter. Thanks everyone I had a great time and enjoyed meeting you all.

And Traci & Jane, I will see you in Houston at the Quilter’s Market for sure.


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Pebbles has really embraced her modeling career. Notice how she works the camera.

Showing her best angles.

She actually walked over to the flower pot on her own to pose. It was brilliant!

Until she ate one.
All was going perfectly for her big shoot today until I noticed one small thing. She kept lifting her right ear. I like her creativity but still I coached her on keeping some poses symmetrical. (I mean, what if she gets a job modeling earrings). She acted like she understood but that ear just kept sitting there. More up. More back. More different.

Now I was starting to think she may be acting rebellious. And then suddenly in complete horror a shocking thought washed over me. Is that possibly (every models worst nightmare)…A MINI EAR?  As soon as she is asleep I will be measuring it. I don’t want to trigger any self confidence issues. She is still a bit upset over the incident at the Vet, when some ghastly woman said she was a cute puppy but “they grow up to be so ugly.”

Meet Pebbles…

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Pebbles… The reason I am getting very little done this week. Having her is like having the circus come to my house. She follows me around and I in turn fawn all over her. What? Show more photos, you ask?

Naps… unfortunately not full time in her crate yet. We are still in a stand off about it. But maybe by the end of the week. The rest of the time she is in, on and all over my bed and me.

She loves my pool but the jury is still out on if she can actually swim. I’m guessing from our few trials she would be a better deep sea diver.

I love dressing her up. She doesn’t. She makes me feel guilty like a child’s beauty pageant mother. I keep reminding her that it is her dream to be a model and I’m just helping her fulfill it.