Sharon Bishop Cross Stitch Magic

Mar 30th, 2013 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

I was so excited to see these awesome cross stitch designs! I cannot express how it feels to know someone actually has my little chickens on their wall. It is very heartwarming. Just look at what an awesome grouping Sharon Bishop has made.
I am so grateful she decide to share them with me. Here is a bit about Sharon…

Sharon: …When I retired from teaching after 30 years, I rekindled my love affair with needle and thread. I initially discovered the Debi Hubbs’ Blackbird Pie cross stitch pattern on White Willow Stitchery, and I loved the delightful little red-shoe clad birds dancing merrily atop the pie. I ordered the pattern, but before I could begin stitching, I found Romancing Red. My husband, Randy, was planning his retirement (we taught together in the same school district, but he is a bit younger than I and so he stayed in the classroom an extra year). I immediately thought that the rooster, whom I affectionately named Randy, was so jaunty and suave, much like my husband, and so I completed Randy Rooster for his retirement gift. Then I found Chicken A La Carte, and I had to stitch her as she was so like me, sailing along happily (like me in retirement). I display the two together on one wall, and I smile every time I see them. (Incidentally, we live in a restored 90 year old farmhouse which was once a chicken ranch, so the little fowl fellows lend themselves perfectly to my farmhouse/chicken decor.)

I returned to my original pattern and completed Blackbird Pie just last week. LOVE the little dancing blackbirds. My next project is Apple of my Eye, another Debi Hubbs pattern depicting two blackbirds sitting on a bowl of apples.

Debi’s whimsical, joyful renderings bring me such joy as I use my needle and thread to create my works of art. Thank you, Debi, for your wonderful designs.

Blessings. . .

Sharon Bishop’s Cross Stitch Work

Chicken A La Carte

Chicken A La Carte

Rooster Romancing Red

Rooster Romancing Red

Blackbird Pie

Blackbird Pie

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  1. I adore these designs and have been looking all over for them. I even asked my LNS if they could find them and they assured me that they don’t exist! So they’ve just been sitting in my wish list folder on my computer. Are these something you (Sharon Bishop) have created on your own or are they available in chart form for purchase?


  2. Hi Irene,
    I agree those patterns came out great! If you would like to get these or any of my artwork on patterns Jamie from White Willow Stitching sells my patterns. The best part is she is happy to create different patterns of mine if you don’t see it already on her site. Just go here and search for my name under artists.
    Please let me know how it all turns out.

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