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Now that I am designing fabric I feel a big desire to sew all the time. I have a charming machine sitting here. Tons of fabric. I see so many amazing quilts that inspire me all the time to put my sewing expertise to good use. Well maybe not “Good”, but to use. Let me tell you a bit about my sewing experience. Each summer my Mom took me to the fabric store and I would get to pick out an “SEW EASY” pattern. We both entered that state of “shoppers high” that only true gatherers can understand as we shopped the fabric store for patterns and fabric. I was full of anticipation as I would sew those draw-string shorts or stuffed animal, purse, etc. Later, as I pinned the fabric to the patterns I would get her annual uplifting speech…. “Sewing is like life… blah blah blah.” I never heard the rest because I was thinking about flooring that sewing machine into warp speed and putting on my new shorts. Still in a hurry, I chopped most of those triangle thingies off the pattern as I was cutting out the pieces. Oops, another one down! I ignored the iron completely (just as I still do). And then I sat down to the sewing machine and began. The glorious hum started which quickly turned into a whirl and whiz of machine sewing fabric until the horrible sound of thread becoming a birdsnest and the machine winding down to a solid buzz. Then a halt. The lovely speech from Mom again as I was removing the stitches while she tried to fix the machine. Or probably her doing both of those while I tuned out her speech. Over and over. Cut to a few hours later and I was probably riding my horse as my Mom sewed my shorts. It took a full year for us both to erase the misery of my yearly summer sewing lesson and then we would go back to the fabric store again pretending this would be the year I would learn to sew.

But now that I am beginning to grow up I figure it is time to learn to sew. This was the final nudge. I see these cute hoodie/sweater/coats by Katwise. Look how cool she looks.

And I really wanted to make one. But… I need a ton of sweaters, a serger, and lets be honest I needed to know how to use a serger. But does this stop me? NO. I have a bona fide brainstorm! I decide the next best thing is to make a Katwise inspired Hoodie but turn it into a Dogwise Doodie.

A Dogwise Doodie is a hoodie for a dog without the hood and instead has a turtleneck because thats what I have. And isn’t made of sweaters because I only have other fabrics laying around. And isn’t remotely like the Katwise sweater but I still call it that because “Dogwise Doodie” is kinda cute, especially since Pebbles is very wise and likes to dole out fortunes and advice.

And here is how it started. I went to buy sewing stuff. I bought some nice scissors. And I got one of these. Hoping I wouldn’t need it.

*Step one. Cut out strips.

*Step two. Sew strips with no plan. Now this is what I call sewing! La Dee Da!!! I am a seamstress!!! I even found reverse!

*Step three. Perform a fitting. Pebbles is not much help. I decide to cut a shirt down the middle so it fits her better and figure the rest out as I go. I keep sewing strips. I even put ends on some and called them sleeves.

*Step four. Become horrified as the bobbin runs out of thread. And I mean horrified because I don’t remember how to do all of that bobbin business. Truth be told I am using the exact thread that was in the machine and bobbin because I was too scared to try to change it.

*Step five. Find the manual. Look at this happy Bee giving me bobbin and threading directions. He is no help. After some coaxing, begging and threatening, I heard a click as the thread went down in the bobbin area somewhere. I took it as a good sign. Back in business! Sewing is like life. Sometimes threats work.

*Step six. Sewing strips is still fun but when I finish each row I have a few extra threads to cut. Instead of 2, I end up with 3. Sometimes 4. I just tugged those threads off the machine and pretended that was normal.

*Step seven. After a large birdnest size thread ball I admit I have issues below that hood there. I decide to call my Mom. Over the phone I swear I hear her excitement. She is so thrilled to be giving me sewing advice! ha ha! I kinda zoned out on her instructions so I got this guy to help me.

*Step eight. For some reason the machine is working. I have no idea why. And no extra threads. I attached the sleeves and had another fitting. Pebbles is impressed.

But she did say it was tight on her underarms. So I just cut the shirt in half again. And added a racing stripe.

*Step nine. I made some sort of bottom and used the bottom from the cut up shirt for the end of the doodie so I would not have to hem. I hate hemming. Same with the sleeves.

*Step ten. I realize the doodie is kind of ugly and decide I will worry about that tomorrow.
To be continued…

PS (The coolest thing I discovered about making the Dogwise Doodie was it gave me something to do while I wait for the sun to come up. I am such a morning person. But I cannot paint until the sun actually rises. I have no idea why. I have electricity so it’s not that. Just an odd thing. Anyway, this sewing is fun at dark so how nice to have something to do at 4 am besides going to the gym.)

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  1. I just love your creative images and how you’ve just “gone for it”.
    I don’t have a dog but I do have a husband. ….!

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