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I have been working a lot doing things like this…

and some of this…

and more of this…

After working more than normal I usually like to relax for a day or two. The plan was to lay in bed, eat snacks and enjoy doing nothing. I would watch TV and read. It started out nicely as indulgence is my specialty but next thing you know I was watching Swamp People. When I caught myself beginning the 4th episode of that series I realized it was time to get out of bed and get myself some overalls. I mean why not just wear cutoff overalls everyday? Shoes and shirt optional. The highlight of the show is Theresa, who is Junior’s wife. What a woman. I am very fond of her. She cooks whatever they catch and that is some creative cooking. All of their food is caught from that swamp and she rarely gets to shop the Piggly Wiggly. I heard her saying something about Mud Hen for breakfast but they did not elaborate on that.

One night after Junior finished his dinner he TOLD her to get him some coffee. Well, Theresa was still eating her Swamp Turtle Stew over by herself at the table. And in a Cajun growl she let Junior know she was still eating and that was that. Junior just shut his mouth and shrank down a bit in his chair. I should record that show now that I think about it. Watch a bit of Theresa here. And get a pen and paper because you may want to write down her recipe for Swamp Turtle Stew. I think someone should put Theresa in Martha Stewart’s opening time slot for a hot new cooking show. And I am 100% serious.


Some of my recipes. Marinated Chicken…

I have been cooking some gourmet food myself lately. Beans. I just really like them.
I cook…
1 can of red beans (rinsed really well because what is that stuff?)
1 small onion
1/2 ish can fire roasted diced tomatoes (and I just waste the rest because I can’t find smaller cans and I’m too lazy to put the rest in a container.)
mushrooms or red peppers or zuccinni if they are easy to grab. If not, eh, no bother.
Brown the onion(and other veggies) in a TINY bit of olive oil. I mean a whisper of oil, you can add a tiny bit of water if you need to.
Add the tomatoes. Stir around.
Add the beans. Cook a few minutes while stirring. Add some some spices.
Then add feta cheese and hot sauce if you like it. I add Cholula.
This tastes great with eggs for breakfast. Or just eat this for breakfast. OK, I realize I am not as creative as Theresa from Swamp People. If you feel like you need to fancy these beans up just add turtle. Or some salad.

Back to my days of indulgence. After getting out of bed I accidentally got hooked on ….. finding my ancestors. I am on ancestry.com nonstop. Oh so interesting! I have started my family tree and cannot believe how cool that site is. It is very helpful and you will realize that complete strangers (but probably somehow related) have done most of your work. I will fill you in with some of my colorful relatives sometime.

Other obsessions:
Traveling. Reading about traveling, reading peoples traveling blogs. Well, this isn’t a new obsession but it is still going strong.
House Hunters International. Along with Big Bang Theory this is my very favorite show.
Dance Moms (Yeah I know, but I can’t stop watching it.)
And I kind of want to buy a house in Hawaii. On the big island. So I look at the homes there everyday and cannot decide on the wet side of the island or the dry side.
And lastly, I am obsessed with Space Bags. I am in love with them really. I redid my closet and space bagged all the clothes I don’t really wear. And I got those cool black velvet hangers. And now I smile when ever look at my closet. Space Bagging is underrated.

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