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Look at this!

Aug 12th, 2011 | By | Category: Sewing Circle News

I just can’t believe how glorious this quilt is! It’s hard to express how amazing it feels to see a painting of mine eventually turn into something as wonderful as a quilt. And to see so many of my patterns all together in one fabulous piece is so exciting. I really, really, love it. I was hoping it was for sale when I contacted Lorrie Hockett. But darn it, it sits on one of her beds.

Lorrie explained to me that she created it along with Carole Moseley. Fantastic job both of you!

Lorrie said:

My walls are full of quilts so rather than make yours into wall hangings I put them together as a quilt, with the bright colors it is a very fun quilt to have on the bed. I added the plastic eyes, embroideried the names of each block, used fur fabric for the cows and used some decorative stitches on each block for added interest, I like to embelish my projects to make them more unique/individual. your patterns are so fun to sew and quilt, keep them coming!I have entered it in 2 shows and will do some more with it. After the applique’, it was turned over to Carole Moseley to do the quilting.

Carole said about quilting:

I have been a longarm quilter for several years and love doing custom work with no restraints. When I received Lorries quilt I could not believe my eyes. It made me happy the whole time I was quilting it. She is a beautiful quilter and excellent at appliqu├ęs. She gave me permission to do what I would like on the quilt. Each block was quilted with what I saw in that block. It was hard not to smile each time I looked at it. Thank you Lorrie for letting me quilt this fantastic quilt.

Latest Obsessions

Aug 12th, 2011 | By | Category: News

Latest Obsessions…

1. Planters 5 Alarm Chili Peanuts. I have been putting them all over my nonfat cottage cheese, my salads, and soup. And in between this I eat them from the jar and then lick the spicy dust stuff off the palm of my hand like a 4 year old would.

2. Easter Island Giant Statue… Need I say more? I just want this really, really badly.

Ok, so it is $995. That is the rub. Also, I kinda want a few of them. Which really sounds expensive. I have unrealistically decided I just may make them myself. Seems like I could make some huge ones in paper mache, add a bit of chicken wire, and then add concrete. Or? That is where I get stuck. What do you put on the outside? Stucco? If you have any ideas I would love to hear from you.

3. Mermaids. Again.

4. My piano. I am becoming a self-taught pianist. I was a bit down the first day or two when I realized I am not a prodigy. And reading music is HARD. Getting my left hand and right hand to do two different things is like tapping the top of your head with one hand and rubbing a circle on your stomach with the other hand and easing on the gas pedal, while saying the alphabet backwards. In Italian. But, I keep practicing, and after 5 days I can now bust out Jingle Bells. I visualize this Christmas I am going to amaze my guests with first having a piano, and second, playing it. I see myself nonchalantly playing tunes like Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life For Me and Song from a Secret Garden.
And the crowd will go wild.