What do I do all day?

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What do I do all day?
Beats me. I do know most days start the same. I wake up. Then I mill around the house and eventually go upstairs to my office. I look at my list of things to do. Actually I have 2 lists. The Big List has the big ongoing projects on it.

Big List

  1. Come up with 24 garden flag illustrations.
  2. Blue Xmas line
  3. Finish the forest line Canoodling for crying out loud you’re almost done!
  4. Make discs and print sample copies of the Iguanas and Ponies for Timeless
  5. Make the doctor appt.
  6. Paint my bedroom, my bathroom.
  7. Lay down the flagstone and get the little plants for in the cracks.

Here is a sneak Peak on my new Forest Line.(Canoodling.)

And then there is the Do This Today Or Else.

After looking at my lists I try to find something on them I am in the mood to do. These lists are currently whats going on around here. I may have removed a few things to protect the innocent.

Do This Today Or Else

  1. Paint: Fox, Owl, Bears, Pine Cones, maybe a woodpecker or something, 2 red sleds, work on fisherman painting.
  2. Walk at least 6 miles or bike or gym.
  3. Lowes – paint samples for bedroom and get a dishwasher and plants and one pot for the lemon tree.
  4. Stupid store and buy some stupid food.
  5. Laundry and clean at least one bathroom, vacuum downstairs.
  6. Make the doctor appt.

So I decide after reading my lists to go take a bath. I have some really cool bath salts with lemon oil in them. The bath idea probably happened after reading about the lemon tree needing a pot. While in the tub I’m thinking about drawing a fox for the forest line and then I get a brainstorm about a hen with a fox around her neck for a shall. “A Fashion Risk”. Har har! I keep a notebook and tracing paper on the side of my bath tub along with a few magazines and this really warped copy of A Midsummers Night Dream which I can never seem to get into even though one of my goals is to read classic junk. Anyway, I write down that awesome “Fashion Risk” idea to do later and then begin to draw some foxes and bears on my tracing paper. Yes, things get wet and warped if you draw in the bathtub but I’m used to it. I don’t want the bears too realistic but not too cartoony either. Next thing you know I’m drawing an alligator instead because I got offtrack and thought a hen with an alligator purse would be funny.

Out of the tub and I’m painting the alligator in the kitchen. I see a pincher bug. Also known as Earwigs because they go in your ear and eat your brains. This one is just sitting on the floor looking up at me like a jerk. Uhg. The bane of my existence! Every year they come around for about a month. And I begin my war with them. It also tends to start a diet because somehow I always find one in a bowl or like earlier this week in my dishwasher and I vow to never eat or drink anything ever again. This is why I’m getting a new dishwasher. If I ever consume one of those I will just die. I flushed this pincher bug down the toilet. Not to kill him but because I hear they like moisture. ha! Back to work. While the alligator is drying I remember I need to start drawing a few bears. I can’t remember if the ears are on top of their heads or more on the sides so I decide I need to look at some real bear pictures. And maybe a fox. I could go upstairs and look on the internet or I could just save myself a little time and go to the zoo. So next thing you know I’m at the zoo.

San Diego has such an amazing zoo. I don’t know why I don’t loiter there more often.

I got to see the Pandas while they were eating.

I love a good camel. More cute things.

Here is the extremely rare R.O.U.S. Also known as rodent of unusual size.

Oh look a reindeer!!! See right on track for my Blue Xmas line I’m designing.

A baby giraffe. Ahhhhh!

And an interesting fact about male lions. Just like some shady alley cat they spray things. Except they can spray you from 7-10 feet away. Here is a shot of one I took from about 40 feet away. Just in case.

Oh and a bad shot of some bear for my “research”. Looks like the ears are kinda set back. Not on top or the sides really.

Here are some Orangutans.

The highlight of my day today was when I met the most amazing girl. And here is Janey.

This zoo employee here who I met told me Janey was raised in a human family before moving to the zoo. She loves to socialize with the humans. She is beautiful and so intelligent.

I sat on the ground right next to this guy and became mesmerized. I was not 2 feet from her. Lovely. He played games with her through the glass. Pretending to put on chapstick.
She would mimic him. I could have sat with her all day and just hated to leave. Apparently she has a webcam and her own myspace page. Odd thing is I didn’t know she was also an artist. I didn’t know this until I just now googled her name to see if I could learn more about her. And the zoo sells her art and I’m 100% positive I will be buying something of hers when I’m done typing this.

Before I go to bed I try to make the list for the next day. My secret trick is to add things I did to it so I feel like I got more accomplished.

Do This Today Or Else

  1. Zoo for research photos…..Check!
  2. Paint A Fashion Risk….. Check!

Tomorrow’s list

  1. Paint: Fox, Owl, Bears, Pinecones, maybe a woodpecker or something, 2 red sleds, work on fisherman painting.
  2. Walk at least 6 miles or bike or gym
  3. Lowes – paint samples for bedroom and get a dishwasher and plants and one pot for the lemon tree
  4. Stupid store and buy some stupid food
  5. Laundry and clean at least on bathroom, vacuum downstairs
  6. Make the doctor appt.

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  1. We need to best friends immediately. Here is a list of reasons:
    1. I love the San Diego Zoo
    2. I have owned chickens.
    3. I made an alligator bag (but not for my chickens)
    4. I adore your artwork, the colors, the humor, the composition.
    5. I am an art student and I want to be just like you.
    6. Your list for tomorrow is almost identical to mine.

    Thanks for the smiles!

  2. Okay, I LOVE your art!!!!

    And, you REALLY need to go visit this blog! They’re in Newfoundland, Canada and her sense of humour and their artwork is quite similar, IMHO.


    Thanks for sharing your art!

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  3. I did look at this blog and had the best time. Those girls are fantastic. I wish I lived close enough to hang out there! Thank you so much for showing me their blog Rosa. And thank you for the nice compliment!

  4. Amy,
    We are now best friends. Thanks so much for the awesome note. You crack me up! I’m off to see your site now.


  5. Howdy admin I am so glad I found your weblog What do I do all day? – Debi Hubbs Illustration, I really found you by mistake, while I was looking on Askjeeve for something else, Nonetheless I am here now and would just like to say cheers for a incredible post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I dont have time to look over it all at the moment but I have book-marked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read more, Please do keep up the excellent work.

  6. I’m a little late to finding your blog, but I’m retired now so time means nothing. ;o)

    That R.O.U.S. is none other than the lovely capybara, world’s largest rodent. When I was in fifth grade my Girl Scout troop (615, woot woot!) went to “zoo school” at the SD Zoo. I never thought I’d get the chance to work capybaras into a conversation but 47 years later here it is! Now I’ll have to wait for you to put up a picture of an okapi so I can dazzle you with the fact that it is related to the giraffe, not zebra.

    Bert in Rice, WA

  7. Well thank you so much Steven.

  8. Ha ha! You are funny Bert. I too enjoy a good conversation about the capybara. I tend to like animals with odd noses. The R.O.U.S is a favorite of mine. Next zoo excursion I will be on the hunt for an okapi for you.

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