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Pebbles has grown so much. Last trip to the vet she weighed 36 lbs. This was a shock to me as I still carry her around. Speaking of vets. Ever notice the correlation between the amount you love a dog and the amount of trips to the vet? As everyone knows I really love Pebbles, and I’m guessing by his swanky car that my vet does too. Some of my horrible dogs in the past did not get a trip to the vet unless they could prove to me that those 2 puncture holes on their football sized, swollen leg was indeed a rattlesnake bite. (Or if someone from outside of the family pressured me into taking them. And only then because I knew they would follow up on it.) I have had some bad dogs. In fact, I could write a whole book. I could call it You Just Can’t Kill a Bad Dog. Or maybe, Don’t Bother Feeding A Bad Dog Chicken Bones They Just Live Longer. (No offense to all those bad dogs of my past.) But anyway, things are different when you own a Super model pet. If she wakes up looking like this you do something about it. Off to the vet, and fast!

Ok, I will be honest, this is what she actually looks like. I’m sure you are staring in complete horror at that giant tusk sticking out of her mouth. She just does that to get me riled up. We have an agreement that she will not stick out the tusks but she does it anyway. Usually just the one. Just enough to irritate me but not call the orthodontist. Ever since her brief stint as the Tooth Fairy she thinks it looks cool.

Her movie career is really taking off. Her performance with Johnny Depp was outstanding.

Johnny and Pebbles were both happy to receive this…

When she isn’t working she lives an average dog life.  We begrudgingly continue with the pet training. Once a week for 3 months now. And all she does is sit. And she will stay if no one else is watching so I can’t prove it. She is the only dog to repeat the Beginner course in her class. At home you can usually find her in the kitchen. Hanging around the stove. Rooting around.


Or showing me that tusk.

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