Painting Steps…Or… OOPS! Or… How did I paint this?

Sep 15th, 2010 | By | Category: My Art Tips

When I start a painting just for fun I can be inspired by many things. My Grandmother’s sister Lillian asked me to paint a chicken with a hearing aide. And this is what I came up with. This is just a sample of how offtrack I can get.

Lillian is extremely funny and has led a colorful life. She was actually Miss California long, long, ago. One thing that is amazing is what shape she is still in. She works out everyday in a pool for 1-2  hours.  She always rode a bicycle.  Next thing you know I drew a rabbit. On a bike.  As you can see I had already forgotten the chicken and the hearing aide idea she gave me. The bunny in the basket is her real life son.  His nickname was Sonny.  And there you have how this painting was brought about.

At this point I was thinking OOPS! Probably should have painted the hill a different color.  Can’t see the bunnys. I did love the ground. But I made the tires too big.  I thought I was making some hip rims and next thing you know she is riding tractor tires. I made 5 bubble trees and thought I was making 5 cypress trees but I guess I forgot to count those.

Looks like I forgot about my blue sky idea. Somehow it ended up matching the ground a bit which I like.  I think it looks a bit delicious. Rainbow sherberty. Painted over the yellow hill with green and made some spots on the hill.  Brilliant! And the red stripe hill on the top made me pleased.  Added some boulders for a path.  This was cute to me. As if someone would line the road with them. All over the countryside. Now I have fixed the tires. Just need to paint some background in.  Current problems… way too much red hillside.  And I forgot a scarf or girly thing on Lillian.   And since I am confessing her other leg. ha!  But, I decided she really doesn’t need one.  Rabbit bicycles are different and her other leg is right behind the one you see.

Decided to make long, long, tree trunks.  This fills the red hill a bit and the main reason was…why not?  And next comes my favorite part.  Bringing things to life…

Added red stripes to the bike’s basket which to me was such a spectacular idea. Just saying.  I decided to leave the bunnys in true bunny outfits.  I really resisted the urge to add spots on them. But there is too much going on with the crazy tree trunks.  I will admit I had some difficulty with the bike itself.  I lost that fight and it came out a bit odd.  But then again it is a rabbit bicycle. And then I  shaded, darkened, lightened, shadowed and worked up a sweat.  And this painting became Lillian And Her Bunny Sonny.

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  1. Love, love, love the bunny painting story of how it came to be. SO cute!

    Pebbles is adorable skateboarding through Europe, she is so talented and well dressed!

    I’m excited you are doing so much on your website, it looks amazing!

  2. I just now discovered your artwork. It makes me feel good and happy. That’s the best kind of feeling and artwork!

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