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Pebbles day off…

Aug 9th, 2010 | By | Category: Pebbles the Supermodel

She sat in the front yard waiting…

And waiting…

And then he arrived!  Julian.

He is so darling.  Gorgeous green eyes and Flying Nun ears. They spent the day together.  Hours of this…

and this…

And had a snack…

And then Pebbles thought she should get both snacks.  So she kept trying to take his.  But he ate it first.

And after she may have tried to run him over with her skateboard.


Aug 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Cue the choir I went to Europe...

In no particular order I will start with Croatia.  Mainly because I found the photos for it first. The journey there was on a 9 hour ferry ride from Bari, Italia. (That’s right, I say Italia.)  All aboard the smelly, sinking, creaking, leaking ferry! Enjoyed about an hour on deck then down the 643 flights of tiny stairs to the last level below where they keep cars and buses.  And here is my cabin. Pried open the door and attempted to sleep while thinking about the cars and buses directly above me. The air smelled of cigarettes, auto fumes and electrical fire.   We traveled at night, bobbing every which way in the darkness along with  waves somewhat like in that movie A Perfect Storm.  (It’s possible I may be exaggerating a tad. But during those 9 hours it felt that way.)

OH! Before I forget. While in the customs line to Croatia I saw a woman with at least 4 massive suitcases yell at a nun who’s tiny carry on backpack was in her way. Wow! And then that cute, young nun let her have it in return.  This was all in Italian so I missed the details but it was quite exciting. Who would ever yell at a nun? An Italian woman. What kind of nun would yell back? An Italian nun.

Arrived to a slice of heaven.

The view from the terrace where I stayed.

If I walk out the front door,

over the moat bridge,

look down at the park,

past the guards, Hi Boys!, I could then walk right into the fairyland of Dubrovnik.

To be continued because I have to do some work today.

Foil… It’s not just for TV antennas. Or… My plan has been foiled.

Aug 4th, 2010 | By | Category: My Art Tips

Here is my second hot tip.  I paint mainly with watercolors so instead of using a palette and wasting paint I just put the colors I’m using on foil. I keep that foil around and use it every time I work on that painting. And when they dry up you can fold it and save it.  Nothing is wasted. For some reason I have never liked palettes. Too much cleaning.

I tend to work on more than one project at once as you see here. I’m sure it looks chaotic to someone without 12 personalities but hey it works for me.

Here is Lillian and her bunny Sonny.  I’m enjoying her.

Here are some flowers which are going to a new design line. After a tiny bit of photo shop I can make something like this.

I have my first inspired painting from Dubrovnik here too.  I’m really loving it. It’s hard to see, a fisherman and tons of cats.

I have some birds of a new flavor there. I’m going to add tons of leaves all over that.  A new piggie who has quite  a story.  A turtle.

New yellow poppies which will be for a design line and then I’ll add the famous blackbird girls and turn it into a painting. And that is what I’m up to today.

Long Beach Quilt Festival

Aug 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: In The Limelight

Last weekend I dashed up to the Long Beach Quilt Festival. I hung out at Big Fork Bay Cotton Company’s booth.

And just look how cute that booth is. See some of my quilts up there? Big Fork Bay Cotton Company is the creator’s of my quilt patterns.

Those quilts get to travel the world a lot more than I do.

The highlight was spending time with Traci and Jane! These girls are so fun. I laughed the whole time and was really bummed I could not stay longer. I did break away from them for a few minutes to see some of the amazing quilts displayed all over the show. It is such an impressive art form. I left feeling inspired to learn quilting someday. Or at least inspired to hire my own quilter. Thanks everyone I had a great time and enjoyed meeting you all.

And Traci & Jane, I will see you in Houston at the Quilter’s Market for sure.