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Pebbles has really embraced her modeling career. Notice how she works the camera.

Showing her best angles.

She actually walked over to the flower pot on her own to pose. It was brilliant!

Until she ate one.
All was going perfectly for her big shoot today until I noticed one small thing. She kept lifting her right ear. I like her creativity but still I coached her on keeping some poses symmetrical. (I mean, what if she gets a job modeling earrings). She acted like she understood but that ear just kept sitting there. More up. More back. More different.

Now I was starting to think she may be acting rebellious. And then suddenly in complete horror a shocking thought washed over me. Is that possibly (every models worst nightmare)…A MINI EAR?  As soon as she is asleep I will be measuring it. I don’t want to trigger any self confidence issues. She is still a bit upset over the incident at the Vet, when some ghastly woman said she was a cute puppy but “they grow up to be so ugly.”

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  1. so, how many outfits does Pebbles have now? and will we get to see them all?

  2. She only has three decent dresses that fit her today. I put a call in to her stylist to send some things over.

  3. I think Pebbles is feeling neglected, it’s been how many days since her last shoot? The audacity! I can’t get over the picture of her with the flower in her mouth. That needs to be put on a card, bumper sticker, or billboard somewhere.

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