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My office is one of my favorite places in my house besides my bathtub and my bed. It’s a happy room.  I paint over here at this desk.  I don’t normally draw here, I usually draw in my bed while I watch movies.  (Such a hard job I have).  After I’m done drawing I come here and paint. If it’s a whole day of painting then I will be all over the house. I’ll paint standing up in my kitchen for a while and over to my bed for a while.  Watercolor painting in bed was a challenge but I have mastered it.

I collect frogs and you will see some of them here and there, most are gifts from people.  This one in the hammock is pretty darling.

This shelf doesn’t really hold anything I use now that I look at it.  Fabric.  This cool lamp was from my grandparents house.  The little castle  has their name on it.  I loved it when I was little and am happy it’s now mine.  Actually, this lamp also became an inspiration for a set of vocabulary cards I did.  I painted the cobblestones in pretty colors instead of the usual grays.

Some of my fabrics.  I like to see them all folded and colorful.  I don’t sew, so they just hang out here.

Some more of my fabrics. From this upstairs window I can see a neighbors yard.  They have five (yes five!) horrible dogs.

I removed my closet doors.  This feels warmer. Behind these curtains is a lot of stuff.

Two computers.  I’m going to get a second 27  inch one pretty soon.  I don’t like how one is all big and glorious and the other  sits there with it’s feelings hurt.  So in order to spare that injustice I will get another big one.  Plus it feels so imbalanced.


My office looks quite different from above.  Here are a few new things…

The new computer.  It is wonderful.  And it works perfectly with…

My new printer.  Which means so long and farewell to my old printer whom I named Tricky Bastard. I do believe Tricky gave me at least 32 migraines. And possibly a tiny aneurysm.

I have an assistant who you may have already met…

She is still in training and is only in charge of naps.

July 20, 2010

Pebbles… The reason I am getting very little done this week. Having her is like having the circus come to my house. She follows me around and I in turn fawn all over her. What? Show more photos, you ask?

Naps… unfortunately not full time in her crate yet. We are still in a stand off about it. But maybe by the end of the week. The rest of the time she is in, on and all over my bed and me.

She loves my pool but the jury is still out on if she can actually swim. I’m guessing from our few trials she would be a better deep sea diver.

I love dressing her up. She doesn’t. She makes me feel guilty like a child’s beauty pageant mother. I keep reminding her that it is her dream to be a model and I’m just helping her fulfill it.

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  1. Looks good isn’t it?

  2. Wow, i think it may be love at first sight (Don’t worry i have no
    intention of asking you to run away to Mexico with me) Your site
    may inspire me to break out my watercolors and my sense of humor.

  3. Great site! Looks like a mix of what my aunt’s home and my sister’s place looks like…so definitely like an artist’s home. I may have to haggle with you to buy some stuff for my relatives, especially since they live in the San Diego area. :)

  4. Hi Tyee! No need to haggle. Tell me if you see any prints and I’ll charge YOU double.

  5. Shoot I’m overdue for a Mexico trip.

  6. Hi Debi, I have one of your original watercolors (farm scene. . cow/rooster. .I love it!) and came looking for you.

    Re: your bulldog. We had one for 10 years. She LOVED to swim. . only thing is. . she sunk like a stone, every single time. I can’t begin to tell you how many times my son had to fish her out of our jacuzzi. I think they’re just too top heavy for floatation. So, you might want to get her friendly with the hose instead :) They love hoses!

  7. Hi, Debi, I’ve been following your art since early on at ebay. I love your images!…and you are good ar what you do! You have a wonderful sense of humor as well, and I think most of us take ourselves too seriously, so we need to lighten up a bit…I love it! Great site!

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