Osvald Eslon

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Who you say?  Well he is the artist who will finally get  me on the…. The Antique Roadshow.  I have always had a little fantasy of me on that show but didn’t have anything special to take.  ( I think.)   Anyway, here is the way it all went down. I will have to change some names to protect the innocent and my greedy nature…..
I just left the post office, and was heading home. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a thrift store which I have never gone to, but I thought I should stop.  A thrift store whose name I won’t divulge as I am no fool.
I walk in the front door and glance to the right.  Sitting on the floor minding it’s own business is a painting that is really pretty.  It appears to be Venice painted in an impressionism style. I moved in….. It was an oil on an masonite board. I couldn’t make out the signature. I flipped it over and read the name Osvald Eslon 1953. Well that didn’t mean anything to me, but it was a really nice painting. Really nice! Then, in a brief stroke of brilliance I wrote the name down on the back of my checkbook.  I would look this artist up. I put the painting down because it was $50.00.  I should have bought it, I really liked it. But, I can be so cheap. Sheeshk, I’m an artist and I knew this was grossly unfair to Osvald Eslon.  Only $50.00.  I sat it back down, then continued shopping all around the store.  Went home with nothing however because I can be so cheap.

The next day about 11:00 am I remembered the painting!  I searched the artists name and was super excited to see he was an artist from Estonia (where is that?) and his art is really worth something. I found out some info on him, and I realized a  painting of his was auctioned off in 1989 for 150,000 eeks. So I’m all excited except I don’t know what eeks are and how much is that??? Well after some very excited searching for currency exchanges, some trial and maybe an error, I think it might be $18,000 bazillion dollars!  So I tear down to the thrift store to collect my gift from Osvald Eslon of Estonia/ticket to the Antique Roadshow.

Driving the whole way there I was terrified someone saw that same painting and bought it. Why didn’t I hide it? Or buy it.  I love that painting! It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

I parked.  Dashed in, eyes darting.  There it was!!! Holy Cow! I’m going to the Antique Roadshow!!! Trying to remain calm I gently picked it up, handled it a lot more carefully then the day before.  I took my beautiful painting to the counter. Now where I got the idea to say this I will never know. But remember I can be really cheap sometimes.  I said to the man working behind the counter , “Does your art ever go on sale?”
He said, “Yes”.
I said, “When?”
He said,” I make the sales.” And he picked it up to ponder the worth.
I said , “I really liked this painting yesterday but I would need to buy a frame…..”

He said, “1953, that’s old!  Look you can still see the paint by numbers lines. Har har har!

I forced a laugh here, and smiled at him letting him know how clever he was.

He said, “$37.50.  I said a little too quickly, “That sounds good.”  And I whipped out my credit card. With tax, it was $40.59!!!
I lovingly took my treasure home and am now an owner of an original Osvald Eslon that could be worth 150000 eeks, whatever that is!

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  1. Hi Debi – nice painting. I’m the proud owner of a beautiful Eslon painting myself so know exactly how you feel about this. I’m sure you’ve looked this up really, but in case you haven’t, EEK’s are Estonian Crowns, and one dollar is worth about 11 EEK’s. Having said that, I would estimate that your painting is not in the 150,000 EEK league (he did quite a few paintings and sketches in Venice (and Rome and Capri and Pompey and all across Europe as he fled the war, before ending up in Canada – did you know that?) – I’d say it was worth about $2-2500 (or roughly 25,000 EEK’s if it sounds better). Hope this is of interest and carry on enjoying your painting. And if you ever want to sell it, I’ll happily give you your $50 back! Best, Grant

  2. Hi Debi-it is a lovely painting! I’m also owning the 1 lovely masterpiece from Osvald Eslon. My painting is about old Tallinn and to me it’s a real treasure! Absolutely love it! Beautiful, beautiful artwork:) And worth quite a bit:)
    All the best!

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